The slow but sure steps of the 16-year-old game Phong Than

The slow but sure steps of the 16-year-old game Phong Than

The slow but sure steps of the 16-year-old game Phong Than

In VNG General Battle, other features may not be needed, but if you enter the Legion, you must “know how to use your brain”.But the lords remember to be careful lest behind that cuteness lies a crook in disguise.

Returning to the Legion feature, this is an indispensable and most attractive feature of the SLG (SimuLation Game) game genre – forcing players to use their tactical thinking to win. In VNG General Battle, the Corps Leader will be the one to form and call members to join and organize and command members to participate in features and battles for territory. A Legion is strong or weak depending on the member’s hard work and dedication as well as the member’s total combat strength. To explain the “hot” of this feature, let’s join the writer to “decode” its attraction.

Can “single single code” play this game?

Most of the features of the game VNG Generals are team features, and the most attractive feature is the Legion. If you do not join, then surely the player cannot reach the highest milestones in the game. Boss Corps, War Legion Server or God of War are features that do not join gamers can not participate and will lose many valuable rewards. More specifically, when any individual in the same Legion achieves, the remaining members will obviously be “infected”. That’s why on all fronts, gamers everywhere are calling and asking to join the Legion.

In addition, activities on the sidelines of the battle such as flirting, singing, offline exchanges … are currently being held very loudly by the Legions. It is expected that the images of the “dinner” meeting of gamers will be flooded in the near future.

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At Dou General VNG, there are many common activities for the Army Corps, of which the most typical and interesting ones are the following 03 activities.

First, the Inter-Server War Corps is an activity where gamers must use 99% of their left brain capacity to participate. The Army Corps leader must arrange his troops in battle, be clever in strategy and know how to use people appropriately in each battle. Moreover, the inter-server battlefield is a very fierce battle because here the reward is one thing, bringing glory to yourself and your teammates is the most important thing. Therefore, in order to ensure “hundreds of troops – one hundred battles, one hundred wins”, discipline is also an important part of the .previously outlined strategy.

Next, equally exciting is the Boss Corps activity because this is the most effective reward “farm” activity. By joining the Legion, players will be allowed to interact with their teammates through a separate system as well as participate in joint activities. For PVP, the lords can challenge the Legion Boss daily to receive bonus points corresponding to personal achievements. With these points, lords can buy heroes, EXP and gold in the Legion Store. This can be seen as a great opportunity for gamers to own ingame items with trading units accumulated from the results of the Battle of the Legion Boss.

Finally, after participating in the Divine Realm War, only the Legions who hold the most Gods and have the highest scores can participate in the more “difficult” feature of VNG General Battle – God of War .

This is the “elite in the elite” feature, so the battle is extremely tense because the 4 Legions leading the God of War will be put on a narrower map with only four castles and need to “defend” depending on the battle. art. Of course, the Legion that survives to the end will win and become the God King with attractive perks in terms of both resources and spirit. So, to get the exclusive benefits of this position, gamers must definitely “work hard” to discuss strategies as well as practice with their Legion.

After using 99% of the left brain capacity to “proclaim”, gamers should use the remaining 1% to find their “other half” to go on an adventure because the writer was told that in the game Fighting Chess VNG currently has a lot of female gamers playing and they are all extremely beautiful and talented pink balls.

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