Gunny Arena Classic New version ensures fairness in gameplay

Gunny Arena Classic New version ensures fairness in gameplay

Gunny Arena Classic New version ensures fairness in gameplay

Gunny Classic Cup applies a new style of competition to increase the thrill, challenge the concentration and ability to allocate character attributes in combat.

Level 20 and up. Before joining the war, Gunner manually set the character’s attributes within the system’s limits. Activities take place throughout the day and night at Game Square for players to unleash the game.

The match only begins when both sides are equal in number of 1 or 2 players. Classic Battle hides properties and keeps skills of treasures by default, seals pets, badges, guardians.

Also at this point, Gunner can start competing in the Gunny Classic Cup in-game tournament based on the new fighting style. This is an opportunity for players to experience the dramatic gameplay and prove their bravery in the arena. The format of the competition is 2 vs 2, there is a ban on choosing a companion pet and limiting the use of weapons, putting personal skills first. Some of the weapons that are allowed to be used at Gunny Classic Cup include Wow-Grenade/Brick Lu/Television/Refrigerator/Cannon/Weapon Bag, etc.

The Gunny Classic Cup consists of 2 stages, the Points Round and the Knockout Qualifier, starting from 12:00 to 21:00 every Friday, each season lasts 1 month. In each round.

Specifically, characters reaching level 30 or higher can compete in the Points Round, based on the accumulated points to rank and win tickets to the Knockout. Gunner freely chooses companions, but once locked teammates in the lobby will not be changed again.

Damage in the match. The system automatically increases and decreases points for 2 teams. Accumulated point rewards are sent to the mailbox based on the character’s last accumulated point level. Players who participate in 10 or more matches this season can claim the prize.

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At 18:00 – 21:00 on the last Friday of each month, a Knockout Round will be held, selected from the top 32 of the Points Round. Teams only play one match against each other to choose the Champion of the 2 groups and compete for the championship according to the “Best of 3” rule. At the end of the game time, the two teams will decide the winner or loser based on the remaining health or the total damage if the health balance is equal. In case it is still equal, the team with the turn to play at the end of the time will win.

Each match in the knockout round takes place in 15 minutes, the ban on choosing pets is somewhat stricter from the available system, requiring the player’s flexibility as well as the ability to concentrate.

Before that, the new gameplay Classic 2 vs 2 was experienced by some Gunners at the Southern community offline event. Recorded from Gunner, the new gameplay is quite popular with gamers because of the balance. The limited time forces the player to really focus and be careful in every move, making the game screen balanced, but extremely stimulating to the fighting spirit.

With new updated features and significant optimization of the pet system, Gunny Arena Classic is really a new version that brings a vibrant and dramatic entertainment playground for Gunner to prove his talent.

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