Tan Thien Long Mobile captures the hearts

Tan Thien Long Mobile captures the hearts

Tan Thien Long Mobile captures the hearts

In parallel with the regular release of new updates, Tan Thien Long Mobile regularly maintains the launch of a new sect system in each version. Tuc, and Dao. Hoa, Con Lon, Hoa Son and Diem Thuong along with 32 character designs, all follow the original and the moves in Kim Dung’s Masterpiece Sword Hiep Thien Long Bat Bo.

Moves of martial arts. Instead of being encapsulated in a simple list of sects, Tan Thien Long Mobile’s rich system realistically reproduces the world of martial arts, full of features, attribute journey of founding the founding. faction, seize the throne of the master of martial arts, conquering the world. This different direction helps position the game as “every home’s mobile swordplay game”, a great choice.

Eye-catching 3D graphics for all mobile configurations

The idea that the release on the mobile system will make Tan Thien Long difficult to compare with other versions in terms of graphics. However, the game proved the opposite when owning a light “cover” configuration but still produced vivid, eye-catching and detailed graphics. The secret to making the game suitable for most mid-range to high-end smartphones that are popular today.

During the game, players can customize the 360-degree scene. It is thanks to this feature, along with the character design, context and skill effects that many times make players surprised because of the sophistication like the animation of an elaborately recorded music video. Moreover, Tan Thien Long Mobile is so attentive that it accurately reproduces the atmosphere and context of Thien Long Bat Bo, bringing the same level of realism as the PC version of the past. So with just one quick action to log in to the game, players have officially entered.

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Top notch PK system worthy of the title of MMORPG game

The competition at Tan Thien Long Mobile is a place where the gangsters often go to show their talent and ability to use their moves. Grasping this mentality, the game’s PK system is also regularly improved, providing more opportunities for gamers to practice martial arts, better understand the system of moves and skills of each sect.

Surely players still remember an event that highlights the name of Tan Thien Long Mobile, the Desert of Fantasy – an inter-server survival activity that once stormed the community when it was first introduced. The beauty of Tan Thien Long Mobile is cleverly adding to the survival arena besides keeping a series of classic features associated with the childhood of generations.

In addition to the above remarkable activity, the game is still famous for its series of top-notch features such as: inter-server PK Bang war, random Lai Tran Beast feature, which can be considered unique at Tan Thien Long Mobile. hybrid players create unique super beasts by single/double spawning. The typical functions of mobile games are still incorporated into the game such as voice chat, dating, double interaction, marriage or unique mounts, a rich skin system with countless shimmering and fanciful effects. , specific to each character faction.

The journey ahead of Tan Thien Long Mobile is still very long with a series of opportunities and challenges. The game is still doing a good job of maintaining and developing a strong community, along with being attentive, always ready to listen and respond to the feelings of players from NPH VNGGames, investing in games practical activities to bring the best experience for gamers. Please look forward to the upcoming news to join the game in responding to exciting events in the third year of companionship in the Vietnamese market.

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