Fantasy Jihad is officially open to download free 150 generals without spending 1 dong

Fantasy Jihad is officially open to download free 150 generals without spending 1 dong

Fantasy Jihad is officially open to download free 150 generals without spending 1 dong

Inheriting the legendary quintessence, Super Fantasy War: Fantasy War is the leading fantasy style tactical role-playing game on the market. The game takes players to become the Lord, gathering the strongest warriors to neutralize the destruction of the World Reform Council. With attractive graphics, with a diverse hero and equipment system, players will step by step collect and build a powerful team, capable of defeating any boss.

Players are free to explore the game world with 12 areas, 180 dungeons and 20 different large and small islands, accompanied by extremely diverse bosses and monsters, helping players level up steadily. and fast. In particular, after fighting the boss, gamers have the opportunity to recruit that boss to fight, unique. The stronger the boss, the stronger the team!

In addition, gamers can discover mysterious sounds echoing from the top of the Tower of Dawn, along with countless monsters and bosses at Dimensional Breakthrough. A series of heroes are waiting to accompany the Lords here!

All champions will be unlocked for free during the experience

This is not too rare in high-quality games on the international market, but will be a new attraction for Vietnamese gamers. Specifically, gamers will in turn unlock the generals after each pass, complete a task or achieve a certain milestone. At this point, gamers will be able to focus on developing champion strength in depth such as upgrading, reincarnation, charm or tactical analysis according to terrain.

If you search – on many different platforms, you will easily find Super Fantasy War: Fantasy War Tactics in many top statistics: 1 of the best strategy games on mobile phones. – Voted by the App Store for many years, one of the most downloaded strategy games according to Sensor Tower statistics, among the top rated strategy games from the community through more than 50 large and small surveys…

Maybe you want to see more: Insightful and in-depth, Super Fantasy War: The Holy War from NEXON deserves to be at the top of the strategy game series in Vietnam.

Various tactical elements

Super Fantasy War: Fantasy Jihad is a turn-based strategy game. Gamers will build teams with smart and unique strategies by combining 4 diverse elements: Cooperation, Direction, Terrain and Convenience. In addition, take advantage of the map’s diverse skill boxes to your advantage, absorbing Items to quickly reach victory.

Explore the hero test, fight your way up the ranks in fiery PvP mode with millions of other players in the Arena of Honor. Or you can team up with friends to conquer the world in Guilds!

Automated resources from the lab

While players in the same squad are in a distant battle, the lab will automatically generate the necessary resources, spawning absorbable items that increase the strength of the heroes.

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