The King of PC games in Vietnam market

The King of PC games in Vietnam market

The King of PC games in Vietnam market

A world in which players can play the role of characters from main to evil, build their own characters, create their own path. That’s what players feel when experiencing the Nine Yin Chan Kinh (CACK). Originally considered a masterpiece of 3D swordplay, CACK converges the most essential elements of a swordplay game such as plot, characters and especially martial arts.

But what players care most about, is the freedom and comfort when experiencing CACK. There is no binding, fixed or framework, gamers can build their own path where the player’s personality and desires are clearly expressed through his character. This is also reflected in the fact that players can learn all kinds of martial arts on Gypsy, can change factions, forces, etc., making the experience of gamers always fresh and full of surprises.

That’s what gamers want in a real game. A place where they can fulfill their true swordplay dreams.

Solid development roadmap

Over the past 8 years, CACK has been constantly updating, improving, and expanding its full range of features and graphics architecture, etc., and always has a clear and solid development path available. Famous in the Vietnamese 3D MMORPG community for the massiveness of the sect and martial arts, CACK 3D always aims to expand this limit every time a version is released.Not only limited to 1 version per update, recent updates of CACK Vietnam have increased the number of versions up to 3-4 times. This has helped Vietnam become the country with the earliest update of the CACK version in the Southeast Asian market.

In addition, the efforts to actively change the way NPH GOSU operate has brought about optimal experiences as well as increasing player confidence in CACK.

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National and international tournaments

With pure swordplay gameplay, focusing on gamers’ direct combat PvP experience, tournaments have always been an integral part of the CACK community. The Nine Yin Congress, the Nine Yin PK… are tournaments organized by NPH GOSU in Vietnam, bringing together gamers from all over the server to compete.

Not only seeking the title of Vo Lam Minh Chu, the winner also represents Vietnam to participate in the international arenas of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh.

It can be said that Nine Yin Chan Kinh is the first and only swordplay game to be elevated as a fighting e-sport.

Powerful game with a strong community

The usual rule of most games on the market is that later on, the game will have less and less new experiences, the gameplay is increasingly limited, less exploration makes many gamers bored, then the Nine Yin Chan Kinh is completely different. On the contrary: the later the game becomes more attractive, the experience becomes more and more open.

Despite the barrier of a difficult game to play with a large download capacity, CACK each new server season is well received by gamers. That’s thanks to the attraction from a good game and the enthusiastic support from the community for “wet feet” gamers. Not only that, long-time players still “love” CACK like in the beginning.

Having this, the main reason is that the Snail Game Producer always researches and develops new versions, applying each Kim Dung sword story to build the game plot. Thanks to that, when released in Vietnam, GOSU also has a regular update schedule from 3 to 6 months a version.Most recently, the version of Thanh Hoa Minh Ton with the appearance of Minh Giao sect, Cuu Am Chan Kinh Vietnam has brought the total number of sects to 28, gathering more than 120 sets of martial arts and 80 sets of internal Kim Jong Un. Dung. Up to the present time, there has not been a 3D swordplay game in Vietnam that has surpassed these numbers with the massive feature store of the Nine Amitabha Chan Kinh.

In the near future, according to the share from NPH GOSU, the hidden world of Minh Giao – Than Co Doanh sect will also be in the new version, making the community eager to experience it firsthand.

To choose an entertaining game is not difficult, but it is difficult to find a game that gives gamers the feeling of wanting to live and be devoted with that passion like Nine Yin Chan Kinh. 

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