Metaverse mobile game “MetaCity M” has officially announced the 2nd phase of land sale today

“MetaCity M” leases land to players on the planet from the system, divided into 12,000 plots, each piece of land is divided into 5 units

Metaverse mobile game “MetaCity M” has officially announced the 2nd phase of land sale today

Metaverse mobile game “MetaCity M” has officially announced the 2nd phase of land sale today

MetaCity M” leases land to players on the planet from the system, divided into 12,000 plots, each piece of land is divided into 5 units and has a total of 60,000 “NFT Land Profit Share Certificate” (60,000 units). NFT certificate of land rental profit sharing) is issued. This means that investment players buy land managed by the system, then weekly land rentals will be returned to players who have invested. Players can use virtual currency (WETH 0.04) or use a credit card ($99) to register. If using virtual currency, players will need to pay a Gas fee.

If using a credit card to purchase, players can transact more easily and without any problems because the issuer supports the Gas fee virtual currency processing fee. Players holding “NFT Land Profit Sharing Certificate” can enjoy weekly land rental income according to the number of registered units, profits are sent back in the form of the current in-game currency Meta. Coins. “NFT Land Profit Share Certificate” can also be resold on the secondary market at any time (After resale, it is considered to give up the current week’s profit). The certificate is sold as a Blind box. Land in each city, each level will have different land rent. Opening the Blind box has a chance to get land in the S-rank city – the highest level with the most profit!

Own both real and virtual electric vehicles at the same time with the most powerful E-FLASH NFT 

Combined with the second sale of 60,000 Blind boxes of land, developer Gamamobi first released “E-FLASH NFT” with a limited quantity of only 20 pieces. All players participating in the second land purchase will have a chance to win “E-FLASH NFT” when opening the Land Blind box, and will receive 1 virtual E-FLASH electric car and a real Tesla Model3 electric car. Thanks to “MetaCity M”, enjoy the joy of owning both electric cars in the Metaverse world and in real life!

Buy land in phase 2, shortlisted to possess super rare props with a limited number of speakers!

Players who buy land in phase 2 will also have the opportunity to become a resident of a “city”, “town” related to the speaker, or even a “neighbor of the speaker”. All players who purchased before the second land sale (excluding profit sharing certificates) can be shortlisted for super rare props by their agent! In turn, the first limited props registration right of the representative of “3D Musical Ornaments”; give an extra “representative’s room poster” in the game, in-game posters will be distributed to players on the list via umbrellas in the game.

Perfect game with web virtual asset trading mechanics, comprehensive Metaverse cash flow cycle

The NFT virtual assets and the currency in circulation are the biggest drivers of maintaining the order of the Metaverse world. In “MetaCity M”, players can get system-produced Meta Coin game coins through daily quests and limited-time resource mining. Meta Coin consumption channels can be mentioned as: Resource mining tickets, Middle and high-grade materials production, Middle and high-grade construction construction, Land tax, Weekly system land rent… Also, in the game except for “materials”, “Limited IPs or Event Items” almost all virtual items can be freely chosen by the player whether they want to transfer to NFT on the website or not. When the item is minted into NFT on the website, it will also be spent with the Meta Coin game currency.

Gamamobi will also release Gama Coin WEB3, which will be the common platform currency for all games developed by Gamamobi. Players can trade the game currency Gama Coin and Meta Coin through the free exchange market on the website. It means that Gama coin will be able to support trading of all virtual currencies in the game developed by Gamamobi itself through WEB3, which will ensure the value of players’ virtual assets and convenience in transactions. and cross-border traffic.

Focusing on the core of game development, implementing the true Metaverse Crossover concept

In MetaCity M, each planet has more than 1,600 small towns, 690 tier 2 cities, 55 tier 1 cities, and a huge adventure world over 510 million square kilometers. You can be neighbors with your friends, drive, walk and fly with people from different countries around the world to explore different places every day and can take spaceships between cities. why go to other planets to visit players in different worlds; In the game, you can also show off your skills in building, collecting and building properties according to the mainline progress, after qualifying, real estate can be upgraded and improved. Each exterior can also be mixed and matched according to the player’s favorite roof style, exterior wall materials, windows and doors to create the ideal style.

The most special thing is the props created by the player in the game, whether it is the exterior of real estate, clothing, character appearance, indoor furniture, pets, personal vehicles, private planes. , … can produce high-end props that are molded into NFTs and treat NFT as a tool for “virtual asset protection” and “cross-border transfers”. Now go to the virtual world of the metaverse “MetaCity M” and open up your second life!

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Citizens participate in urban development to create an excellent residential city of the first class

The development of the planet must be built by every inhabitant of a small town, so if you want a convenient and comfortable city, the participation of all citizens is absolutely indispensable, and Each town in “MetaCity M” has many construction works, through the joint construction and resource investment of urban residents, it is possible to make public construction works progress. difference. Examples are fast food restaurants, unique food carts, airports, cross-border rail traffic, Municipal elections, entertainment venues, etc. Constructions you are familiar with in real life will are faithfully reproduced in the game, so the combination of “real and virtual” will greatly increase the fun of the game and create more limitless possibilities in the world of Metaverse!

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