Enjoy dungeon exploration with two teams The Legend of Heroes

Enjoy dungeon exploration with two teams The Legend of Heroes

Enjoy dungeon exploration with two teams The Legend of Heroes

Nihon Falco’s PS5/PS4 software “The Legend of Heroes Rei no Kiseki II -CRIMSON SiN-” scheduled to be released on September 29, 2022. The trial version, which was exhibited in the near future of its release, was able to select one of the two teams at the beginning and freely explore the free dungeon.

Both teams included characters that can be operated newly in this work, but in this play, we chose the team of Swim and Nadia. How are these two characters, who have been popular characters since their appearance in “Hajime no Kaseko”, expressed in this work?

Swim uses markings, Nadia has a variety of crafts that excel in offense and defense, and the impression that each characteristic is inherited as it is. Also, in field battles, you can enjoy a different play feel, such as Swim with a sense of speed using twin swords and Nadia with dark weapons.

By the way, the field battle has evolved in this work. In the previous work, the only means of attack was physical attacks using each weapon, but in this work, attacks with arts have also been added. It consumes 30 EP and a cooldown occurs once activated, so you can’t use it as much as you want, but I’m glad that the range of fighting has expanded greatly.

The command battle after shard deployment is also based on the previous work, but some changes have been added. First of all, the order of action was difficult to see in the previous work, but in this work, visibility is improved by moving up and down instead of left and right. Now you can choose your actions without hesitation.

Also, as a new specification, if you are in a shard boost state and you are in a scrum with your friends, an “EX Chain” will occur against a stunned enemy, allowing you to unleash a special additional attack with your friends. The familiar cut-in effect of the Kaseko series is also pleasing, but by splitting the screen into two and launching attacks at the same time, the sense of speed and tempo is not compromised.

I didn’t have time to check other elements because I was playing in a hurry this time, but I can see that the battle part has been improved considerably. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate these points.

Each of the two teams has a large number of characters, so if you want to try all the characters, it will be difficult in terms of time. Märchengarten was also confirmed. You can move to the next section by completing the mission specified in each section, but you can get bonuses at that time. If you go through a certain section, a battle with a strong enemy awaits, so it seems good to aim for that during the trial play this time.

This article briefly summarizes the contents, but the feedback from the previous work is clearly reflected in a small amount of play. I could feel the brush-up. It was a test play that I was looking forward to the release soon.

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