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Story Trailer EXOPRIMAL

Story Trailer EXOPRIMAL

The stage of this work is the year 2040, in a world where a horde of dinosaurs suddenly appears and attacks the city and people, causing a “dinosaur disaster”. Determined.

And in 2043.
The story begins when the transport plane on which the main characters are riding is caught in a huge vortex while patrolling around Bikitoa Island and crash-lands on the island.

A war game repeated by Aibius’ AI “Leviathan”, dinosaurs that appear beyond time and space, and battles between exo fighters. Players will be involved in the war game and will challenge many missions presented by Leviathan for survival.

A story approaching the mystery of the world is gradually revealed by playing Dino Survival.

Introducing the characters and units that appear in “Exo Primal”

Hammerheads (Patrol #52585)

The (unofficial) name of the exosuit unit to which Ace, Lorenzo, Alders, Majesty, and Sandy belong. During a patrol mission, he was caught in a huge vortex and made an emergency landing on Bikitoa Island.

■Appearance can be customized
Ace is a character that becomes the player’s alter ego. In character creation, you can customize your look to your liking by combining hairstyles, eye colors, face paints, beards, etc. The set appearance will be reflected in the video of the event scene, the win/loss screen, etc.


Name: Lorenzo
Occupation: Suit mechanic (mechanic)

Leader of the Hammerheads. He had a younger sister named Haruka, but she died in an incident on Bikitoa Island in 2040.


Name: Alders
Occupation: Technician (Engineer)

He lost his right arm in an accident and became a prosthetic, ending his career as an exosuit pilot. Perhaps because of this, he always smiles and has a good sense of humor, but he has a pessimistic and nihilistic way of thinking. He is good friends with the android Sandy and treats him like a human.


Name: Majesty
Occupation: Exosuit pilot

It’s been a while since he joined the Hammerheads. He’s a tough realist, he’s taciturn and never jokes with his crew. Majesty is a nickname and her real name is Victoria.


Name: Sandy
Occupation: Support android

A mass-produced android with support functions for unit activities. With a ruthlessly excellent AI, it responds from tactical support to counseling.

Important characters you meet in the story

What is its purpose…?

Introducing the new “Exosuit” and additional equipment “Rig”

A rear support suit that can fly. Has an active skill that impairs the enemy’s various actions.

Additional Equipment “Rig”

“Cannon” that fires a powerful laser, “Catapult” that makes a quick boost jump in the direction of movement, and “Aid” that shoots energy bullets that create a recovery field at the impact point, followed by a new rig “Blade”! 


Throw an electromagnetic shuriken that paralyzes enemies on contact.

Depending on the combination of “suit x rig”, you can use the performance of the “exosuit” to improve your strengths or compensate for your weaknesses, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your play style! 

Dinosaurs, the most evil creatures in history, appear in modern times, transcending time and space through vortexes!

An overwhelming amount of dinosaur corps and large dinosaurs that attack with powerful combat abilities will appear.

Introducing a new threat dinosaur


A theropod dinosaur with a distinctive collar, it flees when an enemy approaches and spits poison from afar.
Poison stays in the place where it is vomited, and not only does.


A carnivorous theropod dinosaur with large conical horns over its eyes. In addition to quick attacks such as lunges and thrusts, it unleashes attacks that make use of its well-developed hind legs, such as stomping laterally and kicking with its hind legs.

Neo Tyrannosaurus

A neosaw that has mutated from Tyrannosaurus and gained even more amazing abilities. It has a variety of attack methods, such as mopping up the ground with powerful lasers, generating shock waves from its body, and summoning another Neosaw.

Introducing the two missions revealed this time from the many missions presented by the AI ​​”Leviathan”


A mission to cooperate with the investigation of the exo fighter (NPC) that appeared. Exo-fighters (NPCs) under investigation will be defenseless and need to be protected from dinosaurs.

Target subjugation (pursuit type)

Dinosaurs to be subjugated may move to another location, in which case they will be tracked and subdued. Dinosaurs that are not targeted for subjugation will also appear during pursuit or at the destination, and interfere with the player.

[Future Exo Fighter is you! ] Close to the “hanger” that allows you to customize the pilot’s appearance and exosuit elements


The Hammerheads carrier has a hangar that stores the exosuit, allowing for various customizations before sortie.

pilot customization

You can change the pilot’s appearance and pilot suit.

suit customization

You can change the look of your exosuit with suit skins, weapon skins, decals and charms. There are plenty of items available to customize your look, so you can make your exosuit exactly how you want it.

communication wheel

You can communicate with other players through emotes and stamps.
Select the emote or stamp you want to use during the game and set it on the communication wheel.


You can strengthen the durability of the suit, increase the reload speed of the weapon, and even replace and strengthen the “module” that changes the performance of the active skill for each suit. You can also select the rig that the suit will be equipped with at the start of the game. The rig can be changed at any time during the game, just like the suit change.

Items and modules that can be used for customization can be obtained in various ways, such as by playing Dino Survival, obtaining experience points, raising the player level and suit level, etc. The more you play the game, the more you get!

What is “Exo Primal”?

A team-based massive action game that defeats the most dangerous “dinosaurs” in history with the strongest “exosuits” of mankind.

This work is an online-only team-fighting massive action that puts on a state-of-the-art powered suit “Exosuit” that specializes in the role of “Roll” and confronts an overwhelming amount of “dinosaur disasters”. The main mode “Dino Survival” is a “fight type PvE” where 5 players form a team and compete against each other.

If you can complete a wide variety of missions presented by the new generation AI “Leviathan” in areas where dinosaur disasters occur faster than your opponent’s team, you win. Sometimes you can directly attack and defeat the opposing team, sometimes you can fight together to complete the mission quickly. The presented missions change depending on the player’s skill and situation. A different experience awaits every time you play.

A group of dinosaurs suddenly appearing, attacking cities and people, that is, “dinosaur disasters” occur all over the world, and humankind is in danger.

However, with the new-generation AI “Leviathan” developed by Aibius, it is now possible to make “dinosaur forecasts” that identify places where dinosaur disasters will occur. had been
Exo-fighters, the hopes of mankind who wear exo-suits and destroy dinosaurs.
From now on, you will take the fighter aptitude test of Ibius, Inc., and as an “exo fighter”, you will throw yourself into the battle to protect people from dinosaur disasters.

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