What kind of game is Splatoon 3 ?

What kind of game is Splatoon 3.

What kind of game is Splatoon 3.

“Splatoon 3” is the latest work in the popular action shooting series, in which mysterious squids that transform into humans shoot ink at each other. This work is divided into teams of 4 to 4, and the basic rule that determines the victory or defeat by the area painted on the ground remains the same, but every aspect is powered up.

The chaotic city of Bankara is the stage of battle.

The stage of this work is “Bankara Street” called “City of Chaos”. The “Bangkara region” centered on “Bangkara town” is a land where evolved marine life such as squid and octopus has lived since ancient times, and buildings from various eras are crowded together, forming a unique culture. thing. The screen conveys an atmosphere that is the opposite of the modern “high-color city” and “high-color square.”

With the addition of new elements, the territorial battle is even more heated

Compete for the area. While maintaining the feel of painting in human form and swimming in ink as a squid, new weapons, special weapons, and battle actions have been added to make battles even more exciting than ever before. .

The theme of hero mode is “return of mammals”

Of course, “Hero Mode”, which is a mode dedicated to single play, is also implemented. Previous works have depicted a fierce battle between squid and octopus, but the theme of this work is “the return of mammals”. Until now, it was a common theory that there were no mammals in the world of Splatoon except for two cats, but I would like to pay attention to what kind of story will be told.

New actions added to “Salmon Run”

The PvE mode “Salmon Run”, where you cooperate with your friends to fight salmon, will also appear as in the previous work. A team of 2-4 people will perform a dubious part-time job to “obtain and deliver golden salmon roe” arranged by the mysterious organization “Kumasan Shokai“. In this work, a new action called “salmon roe throwing” that throws gold salmon roe far away by consuming a certain amount of ink has been added, and it seems that you can expect an even more intense battle with salmon.

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