The new version of Thuong Hai Bong Lai officially arrives in the hands

The new version of Thuong Hai Bong Lai officially arrives in the hands

The new version of Thuong Hai Bong Lai officially arrives in the hands

Ready to return to the racetrack with the epic update of the year, Tan Thien Long Mobile – VNG has determined that Thuong Hai Bong Lai will be a new version in September to introduce important updates. The appearance of the 17th sect – Bong Lai, maps and activities promises to increase the gaming experience and elevate gamers on the path of claiming to be the king of the martial arts world.

Penglai – the first sect to own a set of 15 skills

Although the name is somewhat “calm”, the appearance of Bong Lai will significantly change the situation of Gypsy when there is another strong faction in foreign affairs. The remaining 16 factions will have to be wary when Bong Lai possesses high damage ability, enough to finish off the opponent in just a few martial arts moves.  

Joining the martial arts Kim Dung, Bong Lai was supported by both yin and yang forces. For players who prefer flexibility, Bong Lai will be the ideal choice when it can be as flexible as water but still launch intense moves. This ability explains the possessing elegant scholarly appearance, but the Penglai sect is equipped with a majestic hidden sword, which at first glance exudes courage and arrogance. From this feature, gamers who transform into the great chivalry of the Bong Lai sect will practice profound martial arts combining two weapons, the light sword and the heavy sword.

Bong Lai’s strength does not stop there, this is currently the only and first faction that has 15 combat skills. Peng Lai can balance all moves from mighty to soft because.

Possessing Bong Lai in PK matches, players are not afraid of bullies because of the Huyen Cong attribute and the advantage of this faction’s foreign public. The enemy will have to be careful if they want to find a way to get close to Peng Lai, the melee ability will help Peng Lai defeat the opponent in just a moment.

Lai has not too high survivability. However, this slight defect cannot prevent Bong Lai from becoming a sect that reaches the level of combat on par with Minh Giao – the sect with almost the strongest fighting force at the present time.

Along with the appearance of the Bong Lai sect will be the Randomly Go to Bong Lai activity, which will be released from October 20 to November 10. Gamers will embark on an adventure journey with Doan Du and Vuong Ngu Yen on a big boat. The capital went out to sea to explore the mysterious fairy island in the ancient books, but faced another fleet of ships with weapons on their side. The reality and detailed itinerary of this activity will be gradually revealed in the near future so that gamers can prepare well mentally.

The next bright spot in Thuong Hai Bong Lai is the new version of Thuc Ha Co Tran Suong Photo Me Trung, recreating the original Gypsy battles in the martial arts world of Thien Long. Specifically, players will form a team to challenge with Suong Anh and Tieu Yeu at 9:30 pm every Saturday at Thuc Ha ancient town. This is a new map showing the town located at the foot of the northern mountain, the landscape here can be compared with the wonder of the landscape, covered with majestic mountains, looking out into the distance will be rivers and streams flowing smoothly. drift.

Players who defeat Tieu Yeu can obtain a variety of nurturing props, defeating Frost Shadow has a chance to obtain a Fragment of the Instrument of the Wind.

With only a few preliminary information, it shows the undeniable attraction of the new version, Thuong Hai Bong Lai. Gamers should quickly mark September 21 to experience firsthand the interesting features mentioned above. Surely there are still many new things waiting ahead when gamers experience this new version.

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