Top multi-themed ARPG games for mobile

Top multi-themed ARPG games for mobile

Top multi-themed ARPG games for mobile

1/ Zhujiang Three Kingdoms

Belonging to the ARPG genre, Chu Giang Tam Quoc directs players to a high-speed hack-and-slash action game, and somewhat this product of NetEase has done that. The game has also incorporated the gacha trend as well as somewhat of the resource management gameplay, the construction of the real-time strategy genre to increase diversity and attraction.

Basically, players will participate in game modes, events … to collect all kinds of resources (gold, stone, iron, steel …). Then use them to upgrade the strength of characters and buildings in the player’s stronghold and continue to prepare to fight in the next battles.

The battle mechanism of the game Chu Giang Three Kingdoms is also quite unique when players will be able to form a team of up to 3 members (free to swap and no cooldown), each character will have a maximum are two skills, a normal attack and a skill quite similar to fury (activated when the player has a certain number of attacks). Although it is not possible to combine skills into a combo attack, players can fully flexibly switch champions to optimize damage. The game also has an auto-hit system for players to use.

2/ Writer Van The 

Built on a classic martial arts foundation, there is a commendable point for the game’s graphics, the color gamut of the game is designed in a very harmonious way, no colors are too high or too low. on average. The sound effects of the game are also a notable point, with the combination of instruments giving us a feeling of having a little more prophecy when experiencing.

A little bit about gameplay, as a vertical screen ARPG game, when you start, you can participate in three professions that are Sword Dance, Thuong Soul, Xuyen Van. Each career has different characteristics, please choose to suit yourself. With the beginning, Ky Van The will mainly do the mainline quest in the early stages, which will give you a lot of experience. When enough level will continue to do the daily mission. After passing the first stage, you can participate in PVE activities to fight secret scenes, hunt and kill picnic bosses.

In addition, it is also possible to tame and nurture beasts, freely explore many beautiful scenes. And activities to pair up with the pilgrim pilgrim. That will make a colorful world. In addition to PVE activities to find the necessary equipment and resources. Players can also participate in fiery PVP activities. Freely develop, form alliances and combine equipment to participate in epic battles. Challenge heroes to explore and achieve higher achievements.

3/ Never After 

Never After offers the opportunity to choose your favorite characters and level them up in the party, making players more proficient in combat and more likely to keep up with challenging levels. When facing more and more enemies, it requires players to develop comprehensively both in terms of character level and full equipment.

In the game Never After, players will experience realistic fairy tale themes about princesses through interesting and engaging contexts. From playing the role of Alice to Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, all the legendary princesses in childhood memories.

You’re ready to embark on an adventure in a vast fairy tale world, where you’ll meet familiar characters like Little Red Riding Hood, and with them write new storylines for fairy tales. In the dangerous and bumpy journey, other adventurers can be your powerful allies. Make friends with them and become stronger together!

4/ Polygon Fantasy

Polygon Fantasy – Twisted Kingdom, where heroes once sealed the greatest threat and brought peace and order. However, the immortal demons were not completely defeated, they returned through the tiniest cracks in the seals of the Worlds, manipulating greedy mages to act as puppets for their plan. your next plan. 

You will start in the small village of Sword Town, which is attacked by the mighty army of the Northern Empire and will have to lead the battle against the Immortal Dragon and countless other mutant creatures, aiming The aim is to unravel ancient secrets and try to correct the past mistakes of their predecessors. 

Challenges in Polygon Fantasy – Will be divided into many Chapters with countless dungeons containing many traps that you will have to face. Players will explore a vast map from verdant forests to the deep dungeons of Castle Scabbard, the desert of Eternium and even the Twisted Kingdom. Passing dungeons will help you get resources such as: Exp to level up, Equipment and Gold coins to buy items in the shop…

5/ Verity: The Chosen 

Verity: The Chosen – Currently there are a total of 5 Classes that you can choose to fight including: Moon Edge (Sword), Deer Bow (Bow), Star Spear (Spear), Iron Blade (Great Blade), Furious Fist (hit right). Each character will have their own appearance, skills, weapons and fighting style. Each class will own a total of 5 skills including: Normal attack, active skill, passive skill, evasive skill and Special skill.

Verity: The Chosen – Possesses 3D graphics with a top-down perspective with extremely beautiful Anime-style character creation, smooth character movement along with extremely impressive skill effects, combining style Hack & Slash style and dramatic, lively soundtrack. Promises to bring players the most eye-catching experience.

Completing each level, players will receive Exp, gold coins… Besides, it also helps players to unlock new Synergy cards for characters including 5 attributes: Thunder, Fire, Ice, Earth, Common and use them in battle. Exp and gold coins will help your character level up and each level will increase your character’s Attack and HP stats to make your character stronger and stronger.

6/ Ninja Assassin Stealth

Set in the real open world of ancient Japan during the Edo and Sengoku periods. Players will play the role of one of the Ninja of the team specializing in hunting and assassination on demand. This mission not only puts you in a war with unarmed people, but also has to fight samurai in Japan. It can be said that this is an action adventure game that allows players to role-play and perform actions “fast, neat, leaving no trace” like a Ninja.

With 3D image processing technology, every movement in the game is meticulously made just like the real thing. You can easily recognize the features of Japanese culture in Ninja Assassin Stealth. From the architecture of the house, the bridge…and even the costumes of the characters. The context of the game is built from old Japanese models, every corner of the map exudes a “very Japanese” beauty. Combined with the sound system of traditional musical instruments to create a typical atmosphere of Japanese games.

In addition to bringing drama in each assassination screen, Ninja Assassin Stealth also offers an AAA-style survival game mode. Here players will become the prey of the samurai, the chase, chase and kill screen will be the most attractive point for gamers in this game mode. Incorporating the survival element into an adventure action game turns Ninja Assassin Stealth into a hot pot with full user experience modes.

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