10 Solutions To Fix Launch Issues

10 Solutions To Fix Launch Issues

10 Solutions To Fix Launch Issues

Try these 10 solutions to fix launch issues on CSGO:

  • Restart PC
  • Run as administrator
  • Disable Windows optimization
  • Check integrity of game files
  • Update Drivers
  • Change launch options
  • Check cfg
  • Close/Manage Unnecessary Processes
  • Windows update
  • Reinstall Steam and CSGO

The factors preventing CSGO from launching are numerous, and may depend on the game itself, but also on your hardware or incompatibility with other applications. In the rest of the article, we will go through the different options, in order to allow you to launch your favorite game as soon as possible!

Restart PC

Csgo not launching? This advice is probably the most basic, but it can sometimes solve a lot of problems.

If you just installed the game, a conflict between multiple processes may have occurred. Anyway, restart your PC before considering the other solutions.

Run as administrator

To function, a program accesses the folders, in order to write and read in files essential to the launch. The first reason that could prevent CSGO from launching is the game’s inability to access certain folders, or write/read certain files.

By launching the game as an administrator, you allow the game to have all the permissions in order to function correctly.

To find the csgo application, go to:

VOTRE_PC\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike-Global-Offensive

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Disable Windows optimization

The third solution is to disable an option in the properties of the CSGO application: optimization of full screen mode. Disabling this option not only solves some launch problems, but also corrects the “stuttering” problems encountered on CSGO by some players.

To do this, go to the folder containing the application:

VOTRE_PC/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike-Global-Offensive

Right click on the application -> Properties

Click on the “Compatibility” tab and check the boxes for “Disable full-screen mode optimizations” as well as “Run this program as an administrator”.

Check integrity of game files

Some files may have been damaged by the game and there are many reasons that can cause this. To verify that none of these files are corrupt or missing, go to your game library on Steam then right click -> Properties

In the tab: LOCAL FILES, launch the verification by clicking on “Verify the integrity of the game files…”

If a file is missing or corrupted, the game will download it:

Update Drivers

With every major CSGO update, the hardware and software requirements change, and you need to update your components to meet them. Updating the drivers can also give you a performance boost in the game, so don’t neglect this part.

The main components to update for CSGO are the CPU, graphics card, and RAM, and you’ll need to go to the brand’s website for those components to download the drivers.

Some brands will offer you a tool that will download the correct drivers itself. Here are the places where to download the drivers of the most known brands.


Once downloaded, the drivers are installed by double clicking on the executable file. At the end of the installation, restart your PC to avoid any conflicts that could prevent CSGO from launching.

Change launch options

If Counter-Strike: Global Offensive does not work on your PC, it may be related to an overload or bad management of your RAM/Processor.

Valve has created two options to resolve this type of conflict, which you can add to the game’s launch options: “nojoy” and “-d3d9ex”.

The first option is used to solve compatibility problems with RAM, and the second allows small configurations to consume much less resources on their processor.

To enable these options, go to the game library on Steam, and right-click -> Properties:

In the first tab, general, add -nojoy and -d3d9ex in the LAUNCH OPTIONS (and don’t forget the shot in front of each option).

“The other options “-novid -tickrate 128 -console and -exec autoexec.cfg” are not mandatory”

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Check cfg

If csgo does not launch and you have recently modified cfg (file which gathers all the settings related to the game), you have probably made a mistake somewhere.

The game may also have caused an error by corrupting the file. In order to return to the default configuration, you will need to delete the configuration folder.

To do this, go to:

VOTRE_PC\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo

Right-click on the cfg folder and delete it:

https://c83f7d1a5774cd5d27414864231fd7c7.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.htmlWhen you restart the game, it will recreate a cfg folder with all the basic configurations.

Close/Manage Unnecessary Processes

Another recurring problem that prevents CSGO from launching and the conflict generated between the game and certain processes. In order to manage these, go to the google search bar and type: gestio then click on the “Task Manager” tab.

In the first tab, Processes , you can see which processes consume the most resources on your PC. You can stop these by right clicking -> End task.

If one of your processes keeps coming back, it’s probably because it’s scheduled to run when your computer starts up. Go to the Startup tab -> right click on the process -> Disable.

Thanks to this manipulation, stopped processes will no longer run without your permission. You can disable any processes you don’t need at launch to save resources.

Windows update

https://c83f7d1a5774cd5d27414864231fd7c7.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.htmlIf you’re the type to cut out Windows Updates, which always kick in at the worst possible time, then you should allow your computer to catch up. Some updates are required for CSGO to work properly.

To do this, type mise in the Windows search bar and click on the tab: “Check for updates”:

Click the “Check for updates” button and wait patiently…

Reinstall Steam and CSGO

The last solution, can be radical but effective, and consists in deleting the CSGO in order to reinstall it, with the default parameters. To do so, go to the Steam library -> right click on Counter Strike: Global Offensive -> Manage -> Uninstall.

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