Can We Start Or Resume Hearthstone In 2022

Can We Start Or Resume Hearthstone In 2022

Can We Start Or Resume Hearthstone In 2022

Having been on the scene for a few years now, Hearthstone now has a strong community, encouraging developers to regularly offer new content. If you want to indulge in the game or want to prepare for your comeback, then you’ve come to the right place.

It is quite possible to start in the game, or to return after several months, even several years of inactivity. Several reward and compensation systems have been implemented by Blizzard, in order to allow new and old players to catch up.

Whether you are attracted by casual games, adventures or the Matchmaking system, the game will allow you to catch up by offering you rewards allowing you to create your first decks. However, you will need to be patient to claim to own all the cards in the game.

What is Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is a collectible card game, allowing the player to create his Deck, in order to face his opponents in several different game modes.

Based on the Warcraft license, the game uses a hero system, each with their own skill. The player can thus create his Deck around Illidan, champion of the demon hunter class, Jaina Proudmoore, master of mages or even Garrosh Hellscream, champion of warriors.

Once his deck is made, the player can take part in several game modes, ranging from confrontation against artificial intelligence, to ranked games.

Other game modes, such as Duels or Arena allow players to compose an ephemeral deck, in order to embark on a series of duels against opponents of their level.

Finally, the story mode allows players to evolve against the AI, taking part in battles against historical characters from the Warcraft universe.

The different game modes

Unranked games

Unranked games are considered friendly matches, and pit you against opponents of your level, in order to try out a deck, or do your daily quests without worrying.

You can choose between Standard mode and Free mode. Standard mode allows you to use cards from expansions released in the current year, or even the previous year. Free mode allows you to use all the cards in the game.

Ranked games

Ranked games allow you to progress between Bronze and Legend ranks, in order to challenge yourself and collect rewards at the end of the season (every month).

This is probably the most popular game mode. The system is simple, you start at the bottom of the pyramid (Bronze), and meet opponents of your level, in order to allow you to access higher levels.

The higher you go, the tougher your opponents will be, but the rewards you collect at the end of the season will also be better.

You will also be able to choose between Free and Standard mode, in order to define the card limitations that will be imposed on your decks. It is the most accessible and recommended game mode for new and old players.

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Arena mode requires registration, payable in gold (game money that can be obtained in different ways) or euros. At the start of an arena, you choose a hero from 3 available.

Then, the player must compose his deck, choosing from the cards that are suggested to him.

The games then resemble classic matches, where you face opponents of your level. You collect rewards based on the number of matches you win.

A game mode to recommend to experienced players in order to make the entry ticket profitable.


The battlefield mode is very particular, and opposes 8 players simultaneously. At the start of a game, you choose a champion from among the 3 available to you.Everyone has their own heroic power, more or less strong depending on a given situation. Once chosen, you enter phase one, and you will need to recruit one or more monsters, which will be opposed to those of your opponent.

Each round you are matched against a different opponent until only one remains (like in Highlander). A very fun mode.


The duel mode is the last release, and is based on the same principle as the Arena mode. You start by choosing between 4 champions, all of which have a different hero power.

Then you build a deck of 16 cards with the options offered. Your first match will therefore be quick, and the life bars of you and your opponent will only show 20 life points.

As the matches progress, you collect new cards to add to your deck, increasing your life points and those of your opponent.

The game lasts until you reach 3 defeats. Each season, the available champions and cards change, but are still based on the cards you own. A game mode that I recommend to players with a lot of cards.


Adventures let you take part in stories related to the current expansion. They pit you against computer-controlled champions or bosses, and allow you to collect rewards, like cards. The majority of the adventures are paying (between 20 and 25€), which is far from cheap.

Hearthstone’s economy

To participate in certain game modes, you will need to buy an entry ticket, which you can pay for with gold earned in the game or in euros.

The same goes for card packs, which will cost you 100 gold each, or again, you’ll have to checkout.

At first, we advise you to put aside the game modes requiring an entry ticket, in order to concentrate on the purchase of packs of cards.

The reward system

Since the release of the extension “Mad day at Darkmoon”, the reward system has completely changed, and has taken on the appearance of a battle pass, allowing the player to progress in level.

Each level requires you to recover xp, recoverable via daily and weekly quests. Once the level is reached, you can access your rewards, which come in the form of gold, card packs or other champion portraits.

Arena and duel modes

Requiring to pay a ticket to enter to participate, the Arena and Duel modes offer several rewards, including gold. However, you will need to win several matches in a row to be profitable, and I advise you to reach a good level of play before tackling these two game modes.

How to dive, or dive back into the game

Many facilities have been deployed to help new and old players to take part in the game. Some of them are also valid for all players who have not set foot on the games in the last 4 months. .

The Introduction (New Players)

The introduction will help you familiarize yourself with game mechanics, offering you the opportunity to face some well-known figures from the Warcraft universe, such as Lardeur or Illidan.

With each victory against an opponent, you will collect some basic cards. Once finished, the game will offer you to collect the heroes of each class.

Duels against basic heroes (New players)

Start with the heroes that appeal to you the most, in order to unlock them as quickly as possible. You can then compose a deck to play them. The heroes aren’t very strong, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble beating them.

During the process, you will complete several daily quests that will allow you to collect packs of cards, in addition to making you evolve in the reward system.

Don’t open them all right away, at least not before learning about the easy return system, which we detail below.

Unranked and ranked games (All players)

Returning Players: Play a ranked game to claim a full free deck. You can choose between several options.

New players: Once your champions have been recovered, the game will offer you to take part in games against other players, and thus prevent you from beating up the artificial intelligence.

Ranked matches are a great way to earn rewards.

You are starting in the apprentice league, and if you manage to reach the Bronze league, the game will offer you a complete deck, which is an excellent base to evolve in the game. If you do not feel ready, another solution is offered to you.

Free Adventures (All Players)

If you want to continue your learning against artificial intelligence, we advise you to take part in the free adventures.

One of them, the Ashes of Outland, allows you to recover many of the cards used in the Demon Hunter deck.

This deck is one of the best for low budgets, and you’d be surprised to know that it’s used at high levels.

The easy return system (All players)

This system allows new and returning players to have a higher chance of getting a Legendary card from a card deck. Indeed, you are 100% sure to get a legendary card in the first 10 card decks of each expansion.

IMPORTANT : This bonus disappears if you simultaneously open packages that are not from the same extension. We advise you to open your classic packs until you have collected your legendary card, then move on to another expansion.

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The shop: mandatory or not?

Hearthstone has a shop where you can buy card packs, entry tickets for certain game modes, as well as access to certain adventures.

Shortly before an expansion is released, you can purchase packs offering bundles and other early access.

Hearthstone : P(l)ay to win? pay to win is a game where the player who does not show the blue card has a disadvantage that he will not be able to overcome otherwise. Outside in Hearthstone, it is possible to create high-performance decks with little means.

The purchase of decks will help you in particular to expand your collection, and therefore have the possibility of playing a multitude of decks.

However, if you plan to get all the cards in the expansion without going through the shop box, you will have to play and complete your quests daily, for several months.

Spending money is therefore not mandatory in Hearthstone, but it significantly speeds up progress.

Arenas and Duels: profitable but not for everyone

We mentioned it to you above, the Arena and Duel modes require an entry ticket payable in gold or euros. These modes offer very interesting rewards, for players capable of chaining victories.

The Duel mode is linked to your card collection, and is therefore, by extension, reserved for seasoned players. We do not recommend that you take part in these modes during the recovery or game discovery phases.

Package prices and contents

The decision to buy cards or not is up to you, and is not limited to your level or your playing time. The price of a pack of cards is 1.50€, and you can get discounts if you buy them by batch.

A deck contains 5 cards: one of which is obligatory rare. You can get 1 rare 1 legendary and 3 common or even 2 epic and 3 common, it all depends on your lucky star.

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