Season 13 of League of Legends arrives in a few days, bringing a lot of new features compared to the previous season. The overhaul of items and the appearance of mythics have reshuffled the cards, making some champions untenable. We tell you about the champions you have to play to get into Season 13.

Although this list will give you a good overview of the forces in the presence of S13, know that other champions will allow you to do well. If you have difficulty understanding certain terms of this article, do not hesitate to consult our glossary on video games .

The current meta

Season 13 of League of Legends strongly favors characters with high DPS, which also makes Tanks almost essential in a composition.

Again, ADCs seem to be the losers of the current meta, and the slightest mistake in placement will be instantly detrimental to you.

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The buffs on items such as “The Axiomatic Arc” or “Distant Focus” may reshuffle the cards for some champions. With this in mind, we list the champions to favor for the launch of the s13



Camille’s scaling ability will still wreak havoc in Season 13. The meta is expected to give great importance to splitpush, which should allow the champion to show herself to her advantage.

Whether you pass an unpleasant lane phase or have gained the upper hand over your opponent, the conclusion will always be the same: at the end in 1v1, Camille wins.

Whether you pass an unpleasant lane phase or have gained the upper hand over your opponent, the conclusion will always be the same: at the end in 1v1, Camille wins.


The seasons follow and look alike for Mundo, who always seems to go where he wants! In a meta composed mainly of assassins, the mad scientist still looks so good, despite the nerf he suffered during the pre-patch.

Good in teamfight, splitpush and lane, the champion doesn’t seem to want to give up his place in S13. The Steelheart , coupled with a full tank build, will allow you to make big differences in your games.


Patch 13.1 will once again be extremely frustrating for Olaf’s opponents, as the same champion issues will resurface.

Indeed, even if you make sure to put it at the bottom, it will be enough for the Viking to recover a kill or two in order to be unstoppable.


Shen is one of the tanks in S13, and her ultimate will allow you to have an impact on all lanes.

Darius is also a good choice, thanks to his bleeds which are very effective against tanks, as well as his ability to influence teamfights.

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The Catalyst of Eternity has done a lot of good for Anivia, which sees her start to the game much easier. His rise in power via the Secular Staff/Staff of the Archangel combo allows him to take advantage of a monstrous lategame.

However, the champion has not undergone any modifications, he is just taking advantage of the changes to his optimization to stand out. Easier to set up at low level, the champion remains a solid pick at all Elos.

Indeed, its ability to handle bruisers makes it an excellent pick, in a meta that is highly likely to be dominated by them.


Abused mobility, monstrous damage at level 16 and an ability to temporize fights out of the ordinary: this is what the current Kassadin is.If we were to ban only one champion it would probably be him, as his impact can be monstrous. The only way to channel it? A huge dose of CC.

Already terrifying for much of Season 12, Kassadin still looks set to dominate Summoner’s Rift in 13.1.


A true demon of the midlane, Vex has a kit allowing him to control his lane and teamfights, while inflicting monstrous damage.

His ability to engage from very far is a major problem for the majority of compositions, and in particular the Ultimate + Zhonya combo.

Like Anivia, the champion can control bruisers with ease, giving her tremendous value in the current meta.


Akshan is one of the best champions in the game right now, but the nerf to the “Immortal Shield Arc” should bring him back into line. Yasuo is also a very good choice, but will also suffer from the item nerf.

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One of the champions who benefits the most from Solar Aegis , which, coupled with his W, allows him to do monstrous damage for a tank.

His Jungle clear grants him a rapid build-up, allowing him a presence on the lanes very early in the game.

In teamfight, his ultimate allows him to have a considerable impact, and his kit also allows him to effectively zone carries. To pick at any Elo.


Maokai is probably the jungler we’ll see the most in 13.1, especially thanks to his control ability.

His sustain allows him to temporize skirmishes considerably, and the majority of 2v2s (top/mid) or 3v3s (bot) will go his way.

His Jungle clear is now fast enough to position himself as one of the best currently. Whether you are in Iron or Diamond, do not hesitate to abuse this champion.


Sorry for those who thought they were done with Bel’Veth: the champion is broken in 13.1. Its ability to clear, and its devastating ganks (especially if your team has CC) make it a perfect pick to gain Elo.

In teamfights, the focus is on shooting yourself in the foot, leaving it free to shoot yourself in the head. Good news ? Rammus always seems to give him a hard time in the Rift!

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Elise is probably the second best AP Jungler in the meta, as she can gank very early in the game, and deal monstrous damage.

Nunu is one of the best tanks in Jungle currently and also benefits from the Sun Aegis , which allows him to walk around in melee.



Kai’Sa benefits from his ability to be extremely effective, whether with an AD or AP build. However, it is the former that currently ranks Kai’Sa as a terror in the botlane.Thanks to the Kraken/Phantom Dancer build, Kai’Sa can send monstrous bursts very early in the game. A must have in a meta where only massive damage can save you from bruiser domination.


Considered the best pick of the preseason in the botlane, Jhin stands out for his ability to reach his peak power faster than the majority of other adcs.

With a build made up of the Collector as the second item, and the Ultra- Rapid Cannon as the third, Jhin is able to distribute slaps fairly quickly in the game.

Able to engage from afar with his W, his ultimate also allows him to play safe. A good pick in most situations.


Much less alternative on the ADC side, because as we repeatedly mention in the article, the meta is clearly not to their advantage.

Samira is viable thanks to her ultimate and her ability to walk through melee. Just like Twitch, which will take advantage of its invisibility to be forgotten.



Janna will likely position herself as one of the best supports in the meta again. The reason ? His ability to temporize the bruisers and other assassins who will come to attack his carries.

The 13.1 meta is going to be tricky for players who won’t get a peel from their support, and Janna is one of the best at it.


Rell is now considered the best engage support in the game, and his ability to win teamfights is well established.

The champion is now considered the best support to hire in the game, and her ability to win teamfights is well established. In a meta where Leona will have a little more trouble existing, Rell presents itself as the best solution.


Yes, Sona will still cause problems in the Botlane, and yes her incessant pokes will still create great frustration for her opponents.

All your All-in attempts will be sent to the mat by his ultimate and your poke will give him a reason to spam his heal in a loop.

Still as impactful in teamfights, the champion is likely to come out regularly during your games.  


Brand is still one of the best supports for low Elo carry, as is VEL’KOZ who has the ability to do massive damage.

The ults of both champions are devastating, but they also share a weak point: sensitivity to enemy ganks.

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