Les 10 Meilleurs Jeux Vidéo De Zombies

Les 10 Meilleurs Jeux Vidéo De Zombies

Les 10 Meilleurs Jeux Vidéo De Zombies

For decades, zombies have been everywhere, whether in movies, series or in video games. These are often likened to an apocalyptic vision of our world where humans are generally considered responsible. Many video games have bet on such a scenario, generally offering the possibility to the hero that we embody, to restore faith in humanity.

The best zombie video games in history:

  • Resident Evil 4
  • The Last of us
  • The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series
  • Resident Evil 2 (remake)
  • Dying Light
  • Left 4 Dead
  • last day on earth
  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies

The recipe for success for this genre of games seems to be simple, and even the most popular games obey it. You are often in the grip of infamous zombies devoid of all humanity and of extreme violence.

This state is usually the result of a virus or some bacteria or even a substance developed by the government.

However, some games manage to pull out of the game, emphasizing storytelling, survival, and even gameplay. We offer you a small overview of the best zombie games that have marked us in recent years!

Resident Evil 4

Released in 2005 on Gamecube with a view to renewing the Resident Evil saga, Capcom puts us in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy, the most beloved hero of the saga, who left an indelible memory for fans in Resident Evil 2.

In charge of a fairly classic mission, Leon will have to investigate the disappearance of the president’s daughter, who would be held prisoner in a village of fanatics in a lost corner of the United States.

Once there, our first encounter with the villagers sets the scene: the game will take place in the midst of real carnage!

An over the shoulder view

The over-the-shoulder view is nothing short of amazing, albeit light years away from what’s been in the Resident Evil saga since its debut.

As you delve deeper into the story, you will become aware of the atrocities taking place in this village, and learn more about the plans of the master of the places.

The atmosphere is one of the main reasons for the success of the game, and the music, sounds, and level design are simply sublime.

The gameplay is incredible for the time, and the confrontations with the different protagonists are far from a foregone conclusion, and you will learn it very quickly at your expense. The game offers real difficulty and some monsters will make you think of bumps, as their mechanics are confusing.

Tough Bosses

Speaking of bosses, know that Resident Evil 4 will offer you to rub shoulders with several of them, whether in the middle of a lake beset by fog, or in a mansion infested with priests dedicated to an occult sect!

You will need to understand the mechanics of each of them in order to emerge victorious, because the confrontations are not limited to firing as many bullets as possible in record time!

In summary, Resident Evil 4 is for me one of the best games in history, since it was able to renew a series already at the top, in addition to inspiring many development studios in the following years.

Offering an almost perfect score in terms of gameplay, scenario and atmosphere, I advise you to buy the remake version or the original version if you still have a Gamecube. (Several encounters with the beautiful Ada Wong are offered in the game!).

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The Last of us 1 & 2

It is without any hesitation that we place the two opuses of The Last of Us in this ranking! We’re not particularly looking to compare them, and yet The Last of Us stands out from the rest in every way.

This game is by far one of the most accomplished among all those that can be found in the same category.

The graphics are breathtaking, realistic, colorful and give wonderful life to the different settings dominated by nature and the characters who move there.

Amazing sound quality and gameplay

The soundtrack of an almost bewitching quality dominates the atmosphere of the zones and accompanies very well the various changes of situation or environment. In other words, the immersion is instantaneous as soon as you find yourself immersed in it.

The gameplay is as versatile as it is complete. A range of weapons (both firearms and melee weapons, even cranks) and ammunition are available to the player on terrain sections that at first glance suggest an open world.

This somewhat fledgling aspect will be further developed in the second episode of the opus. The player also has the choice to develop them and change them when he wishes.

For this, he must collect all kinds of odds and ends and utensils. He can also craft medical equipment if he finds the necessary ingredients. The player can choose the style of infiltration that suits him the most to tackle the different objectives that will be set for him (stealth, aggressive, passive, etc.).

A gripping story

The story and the attachment to the characters are however the determining factors allowing us to qualify this game as a masterpiece.

Although the precise origins of the mutation remain unknown, a cure seems possible on the horizon and the characters struggle to hope to see this project through.

We are dealing with Joël, a man broken by mourning whose life has long had no meaning, and a girl, Ellie, a little tomboyish and with a strong tongue who suffers from her condition and the abandonment of all his relatives.

The most interesting thing is to observe how the relationship of the two evolves as their adventure and experiences progress.

The feelings that develop between them are put into perspective in front of all the rest of the plot and the various dilemmas they find on their way, resulting in a game that is complete, relevant, thoughtful, thrilling and breathtaking from the start. first moment!

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series brings together the 4 seasons , 400 Days and The Walking Dead: Michonne , more than fifty hours of play, mixing the universe of comics and the series.

The game is based on the narration, since you take part in a full-fledged scenario, more than in a video game. The story evolves according to your choices, even if you are all the same on track.

Restarting the game by making different choices allows you to take part in side parts of the story, which can give you an additional reason to complete the game multiple times.

Confusing gameplay

The gameplay is based on “quicktime” events which allows you to play the character between two cutscenes. The action isn’t great and the gameplay isn’t the most dynamic, but that’s part of the direction the developers wanted to take.

The comic-inspired graphics are very refreshing, since you don’t find this kind of design in many games.

The animations are successful and fluid, and we can especially realize this during the qte that require rapid action on our part.

A different graphic touch

From a graphic and scriptwriting point of view, the game is extremely well put together and will keep fans of the series, comics, but also ordinary gamers in suspense.

However, the game is not to be put in all hands, given the violence in the clashes and the extremely gore events that arise over the course of the story.

On the menu: executions, devouring, severed heads and other disreputable festivities for an uninformed public. If you like taking part in a gripping story, and don’t mind repeating cutscenes, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series is without a doubt one of the best zombie games ever released.

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Resident Evil 2 (remake)

Resident Evil definitely has the most installments of any apocalyptic game. It is extremely easy to get lost in them and almost impossible to really classify them.

Why ? Well, we can attribute this success to the incredible terrifying atmosphere that is almost always present, its stagings greatly inspired by horror and horror cinema, as well as the gloomy and always very detailed graphics.

The story naturally has a lot to do with it as well, but it differs between the different games so it would be difficult to attribute a single merit to it.

Combat and puzzles

Through several passages linking puzzles and sorts of labyrinths, the action is nonetheless present in all the opuses of the series. The antagonists are more or less terrifying depending on the generation, Mister X present in this remake being notably renowned for having become the most terrible of all.

They all seem to personify the vilest nightmares imaginable.

The primary use of guns to take on zombies is retained, while bringing new features to each of the games to try to reinvigorate the formula.

The atmosphere of this remake is darker than ever, which has the merit of pleasing all fans, who were looking to find this notion of survivalism which had been somewhat lost in other games.

In this new adaptation, new generations can finally discover with breathtaking graphics one of the most iconic games of its time.

Two characters, two different points of view

This remake offers a double perspective on the scenario of the game thanks to the two characters that the player incarnates in turn, which not only allows to vary the decorations and the meetings, but also to reinforce the aspect of survival which is essential in this opus.

Players must take care to save their bullets so as not to run out, and to continually be extra careful by searching the different rooms carefully to amass as many collectibles (heals, ammo or weapons) as possible.

An ever more horrifying bestiary proves to be the icing on the cake, making it possible to complete a masterpiece after a few games as boring as they are confusing trying to bring Resident Evil up to date despite its many decades of existence…

Dying Light

The Techland studio game gives the player the opportunity to embody an extremely agile character in an open world infested with zombies.

Dynamic gameplay

The game uses the codes of parkour, a physical discipline aimed at covering a distance between point A and point B in an urban environment, and those, as quickly as possible.

The player therefore has a very important freedom, and the gameplay, which is both intuitive and explosive and without a doubt the strong point of the game.

We’re not going to lie to you, if you buy Dying Light for its story, the diversity of the protagonists and to witness explosive encounters against epic bosses: you are going to be disappointed!

The story is based on the spread of a dark virus, which has reduced the majority of the inhabitants of the earth to the state of zombies. The government is of course behind this story and the hero must (once again) give hope to the survivors.

The RPG side of Dying Light, allowing you to improve your character and your arsenal through talent trees, is quite classic in its genre, but brings depth to the game.

A rich arsenal

The arsenal in question is also quite diverse, since you will find automatic rifles, pumps, grappling hooks, bows, and other melee weapons such as baseball bats or chainsaws!

You can also find legendary weapons, such as the famous Excalibur, which will allow you to perform devastating circular attacks.

If the mechanics of the weapons promised us epic confrontations, it is not so, since the latter are for me the big weak point of the game. There are no particular strategies and the patterns of the adversaries are far too common.

Meetings with the “Bosses” have come to complete all our hopes, since they are uninteresting as possible, and we end up with protagonists who are only looking to go straight ahead in order to plant an ax in your skull.

As you will have understood, Dying Light has super enjoyable movement mechanics, and walking around the city by climbing buildings is really addictive.

If you like well-crafted narrative arcs, the game may disappoint you. Personally, it is by far one of my best experiences in the field of zombie games!

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Left 4 Dead

This game makes an impression with its cooperative style in an apocalyptic setting as usual, which allows you to let off steam and help each other on a map in common with other players who will help you accomplish certain tasks.

Several game modes

You can choose between several modes, but the campaign mode or the versus mode (where each of the players will choose one of the four characters available) are by far the most challenging.

The game is divided into chapters, containing 5 maps individually that players will have to cross despite the fact that many hordes of undead will stand in their way.

The participative style is really rooted in the success of the missions, because you often have to depend on your teammates to activate mechanisms or to free yourself from the grip of an infected.

Play as the bad guys

And what will make the concept a real challenge is the fact that players will embody some of the infected among the horde themselves.

This detail takes on its full meaning when you take into account all the strategy necessary to carry out these fights while thwarting the enemy’s traps.

The various characteristics attributed to certain Infected are more evolved than in most games of the genre, with some having powerful jumps, a deadly grip, a powerful fist, venom, etc.

On the way, the survivors have the possibility of changing their weapon and taking refuge in shelters to heal themselves or to replenish their ammunition.

These are rather short games, but above all very punctuated by the constant appearance of infected and the speed of execution of the various puzzles.

A new installment in the franchise called ‘Left 4 Dead 3: Back for Blood’ is slated for June 2021, and reviews are looking very positive so far!

Fans seem eager to rediscover this cooperative game, after the release of a rather disappointing ‘Left 4 Dead 2’, purely commercial according to players who felt that the first opus of the saga deserved much more content and stakes updated before a new release.

The graphics and new features available in this new game are very promising!

last day on earth

In the field of mobile games, we can say that the genre is illustrated.

Countless zombie-centric games have sprung up on the handheld platform, where fast-paced gameplay and poorer graphics are more tolerated.

Impossible to say if this is enough to reduce the bad reviews that a game could wipe. But among all those who shine on the console, we can name Last Day on Earth as one of the best.

Indeed, the latter is illustrated by its decent and somewhat unusual graphics, much more cartoony and colorful than most games of the genre.

The player evolves in a wild nature, in which he must survive by gathering materials, food and other resources.

The player must build his own shelters and utensils (thanks to a crafting system that will seem familiar to many of you), while getting rid of his natural enemies: zombies.

This is a fun and evolving game!

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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

This is only an extension to the main mode of the game, but I think it should be noted as a perfect alternative nonetheless!

A complete game mode

Red Dead Redemption is a game with dazzling graphics (with an excellent graphics engine and very realistic textures) which is centered on Western culture to which, it must be said, it is very original to add touches of apocalypse.

Unlike many other games where the apocalypse takes place in contemporary times, it’s particularly intriguing to see it happening at this time in history.

This game, which is illustrated by a main character who travels on horseback between several cities, retains all of its main qualities in this expansion.

Although the latter is slightly adapted, he seeks a cure for his family who were turned into zombies during an attack on their home in the middle of the night.

The (re)conquest of the West

Liberated towns can be used as supply points, and in some of them, certain quests (based on rescuing survivors or executing zombies) remain active for a better gameplay experience.

To increase the accuracy of the shot and ensure that ammo is not wasted (zombies having the head’s only weak point), the player can use the ‘cold blood’ mode to slow down the action and take the time to aim the zombies that rush at him.

The speed of movement of the zombies can undermine the combat system, the extension not being quite developed technically.

In short, this is a very good extension to the original work allowing players who already have it to return to the world of Red Dead Redemption and reconnect with the dynamics of the game, while discovering new content adding a few hours on the clock!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies

Call of Duty’s zombie mode is so complete that it can be considered a game in its own right.

You appear in a second-world theater surrounded by hordes of Nazi zombies intent on killing you.

To survive, you will have to repel successive waves by barricading yourself and then killing as many zombies as possible.

Each end of the wave allows you to catch your breath, recover weapons and ammunition, and access the next level.

Waves of zombies, again and… again!

With each wave you fend off, the zombies get stronger and tougher, and you’ll need to be very organized to not get overwhelmed.

If Call of Duty: Black Ops’ zombies mode has been so successful, it’s thanks to its co-op mode, which allows you to repel attacks with the help of your friends.

The game becomes much more fun with several people, and will require you to provide teamwork to see the end.

The zombie mode has become so popular that it has been integrated into other episodes of the Call of Duty series, and is even part of the additional content added during season 2 of Cold War on February 25, 2021.

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