Ranking And MMR System

Ranking And MMR System

The often-maligned Rainbow Six Siege ‘s Rank and MMR system has received a major update via Operation Solar Raid. Released in December 2022, this update completely revolutionized ranked games, in addition to adding a new agent and a new map.

From now on, players will no longer go through the 10 placement matches, but will all go to the lowest division: Copper. MMR is now hidden from players, and is replaced by a new metric: skill .

Aware of the problems faced by ranked players, the developers of R6 have dubbed this update: “Ranked 2.0”. This article will explain this promising new system to you.

The different ranked ranks on R6

Formerly using a system requiring you to complete 10 placement matches before being ranked, R6 has completely overhauled its ranked mode. 

Indeed, since the release of Operation Solar Raid , the game now sends all players to the lowest level: the Copper Division.

There are now 8 different ranks in ranked, which are then divided into 5 divisions (1 to 5). You start each season in Copper 1, and you’ll need to earn 100 points in order to advance to the next division or tier.

Here are the 8 ranked ranks in Rainbow Six Siege: 

  •     Copper VI
  •     Bronze VII
  •     Silver VI
  •     Gold VI
  •     Platinum VI
  •     Emerald VI
  •     Diamond VI
  •     Champion

Which gives no less than 35 divisions to climb in order to reach the rank of Champion. 

The new Emerald Rank

The Emerald rank is one of the new features of this update, and comes in between the Platinum and Diamond ranks.

The goal is to create a balanced transition between the two divisions, which have always had big problems balancing the level of the different players. 

How does MMR work on R6?

To judge your progress, the game will rely on a new metric: skill . The latter replaces the basic MMR, and will no longer be visible to players.

This skill will no longer have any influence on your leveling up, but will define the number of points you will earn and lose in your games. 

The stronger your performance, the more your skill will increase and the faster your progress will be.  

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Evolve in the different levels

Ranked 2.0 is far too recent to be able to release statistics, but the graph below shows the distribution of players before this update. This graph obviously does not take into account the new rank: Emerald.

To do this, the game will be based SOLELY on your ability to win games. Your individual performance will have no impact on your progress, but any harmful behavior may lead to loss of skill.

If you leave a game before the end, are disconnected for inactivity, are kicked by your team, or lose a game, you will lose skill.

The number of points needed for each row:

RankSkill required
Copper V0 – 100
Copper IV200
Copper III300
Copper II400
Copper I500
Bronze V600
Bronze IV700
Bronze III800
Bronze II900
Bronze I1000
Silver V1100
Silver IV1200
Silver III1300
Silver II1400
Silver I1500
Gold V1600
Gold IV1700
Gold III1800
Gold II1900
Gold I2000
Platinum V2100
Platinum IV2200
Platinum III2300
Platinum II2400
Platinum I2500
Emerald V2600
Emerald IV2700
Emerald III2800
Emerald II2900
Emerald I3000
Diamond V3100
Diamond IV3200
Diamond III3300
Diamond II3400
Diamond I3500

Each season lasts approximately 3 months, and your highest rank in the season will earn you a pendant, representing the highest rank achieved.

Each start of the season does not reset the skill, and all players are therefore at Copper 1 rank. Higher ranked players will have a higher skill, which will make them progress much faster.

Anti-cheat and anti-boost systems

In order to respond to the increasing number of abuses encountered in ranked games, the developers have implemented two systems to reduce the impact of cheaters and boosters: the MMR adjustment and the group gap limit.

When a cheater is banned by the anti-cheat system, all of his games are “cancelled” and the players he played with see their MMR adjusted.

Concretely, when you win a game with a cheater on your team, the system will deduct the victory points.

Conversely, if you lose a game with a cheater in front, the loss of MMR suffered will be canceled. As a result, a player “boosted” by a banned player will receive a large MMR penalty, allowing the system to target them as a cheater as well. The latter will see their MMR reset, and will have to take part in placement matches.

The group gap limit ( MMR Rank Lock ) concerns players taking part in ranked games, with one or more friends having a rank and MMR different from theirs.

In order to limit too large gaps, and thus offer balanced games, the game now prohibits MMR gaps greater than 1000 between teammates.

This feature also avoids account boosts, which were too numerous during the first seasons of ranked games.

The following?

The developers are well aware that the system is not yet optimal, and that the frustration of losing MMR players due to cheaters is real. The latter admit to working on improvements that may appear in 2023.

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