September 29, 2023

Ketogenic diet goodbye carbohydrates. hello fats

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etogenic diet goodbye carbohydrates

etogenic diet goodbye carbohydrates

The ketogenic diet, sometimes known as the “keto diet,” Do you hear what I’m saying? For many this is an unfamiliar concept. Yet the ketogenic diet is not new. It has often been used in medicine to combat epilepsy. This diet is based on a hyper low carb diet and is now being brought up to date in the fitness world. We summarize in this article all the things you need to know about the ketogenic diet.

What is the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is a form of diet very low in carbohydrates , what we call in English “low carb” . Normally carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body. In the case of a “low carb” diet, lipids will be given pride of place. The body will then draw on fats for energy rather than on glucose (that is to say the carbohydrates which are transformed into glucose in our body).

Many bodybuilders swear by this diet. Oliver, one of our colleagues, shares his opinion about the ketogenic diet and its benefits for his bodybuilding competition in an interview .

The desired effect: the state of ketosis

In order to be successful on a ketogenic diet, the important thing is to bring your body into a state of ketosis . Kesaco? The state of ketosis is when the body will realize that there is not enough glucose in the body and will draw its energy supply from fat – and no longer from glucose (created from carbohydrates consumed ). This phenomenon appears after a few days following a low carbohydrate diet.

In this metabolic state , there is a production of ketone bodies, which will be used as a source of energy instead of glucose. In this way, your body automatically ensures that it always has enough energy, even when it does not have enough carbohydrates.

3 tips to reach the state of ketosis faster

To have the benefits of the ketogenic diet, you must succeed in reaching the state of ketosis. In this state, your body will then draw on body fat, via ketogenic bodies, to produce energy. Getting into ketosis can be difficult , so we’ve put together three tips for you to get there easily .

  1. Empty your carbohydrate stores.
    To make sure your body is in ketosis, make sure to skip carbs completely . But beware, this does not mean not eating! Just eat all the ingredients that are low in carbs , but high in good fats and protein . Nuts, fish, meat, and low-carb vegetables (like broccoli) are welcome. And to avoid cracking, you can also empty your cupboards of all starches (pasta, rice, lentils)…
  2. Prioritize endurance training.
    It is often mistakenly thought that endurance sports (running, cycling, swimming) are not recommended in combination with the ketogenic diet. However, studies on the subject prove the opposite. Endurance sports have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system and on health in general. So don’t hesitate to take a little jog even during your keto diet. If you are a beginner, plan two sports sessions a week, and start running slowly!
  3. Eat enough good fats.
    The ketogenic diet is quite restrictive . Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes… All these ingredients are generally your energy suppliers. However, they are prohibited on the keto diet. It is therefore important to make sure to replace them with foods high in fat. You must avoid having too large a calorie deficit (too large a calorie deficit = yo-yo effect and cravings). It may be difficult at first, but your body will get used to it over time. However, if you have any doubts and you can’t feel good on a ketogenic diet, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.

Choose a diet rich in (good) fats

We understand, the ketogenic diet reduces carbohydrate intake to the maximum. Bye-bye starchy foods (rice, pasta, bread…), legumes (beans, lentils…), cereals (wheat, oats, millet…). But what is left on our plate? All foods rich in good fats and/or proteins, which fill you up in the long term. If you’re unsure of the calorie count, you can check out our calorie chart , which has a large list of foods.

List of the best foods for a ketogenic diet:

  • Meat : chicken, turkey, bacon, pork
  • Oily fish : salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout
  • Dairy products : cheese, butter, cream
  • Nuts and seeds : walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, chia seeds
  • Oils : Coconut oil, hazelnut oil, avocado oil
  • Attorney
  • Eggs
  • Green vegetables : spinach, green cabbage, broccoli
  • Forest fruits (in small quantities): blueberries, raspberries

Forget 50/20/30

The basis of a healthy and balanced diet is based on 50 to 65% carbohydrates , 15 to 25% protein and 20 to 30% fat. This is called the 50/20/30 pattern , which is the distribution of macros in a normal diet. It should be noted, however, that the distribution of macros may differ depending on the person.

Our advice: to be sure that your food program is personalized, we advise you to prepare it with our free Body Check , and our free calorie calculator available here .

With the ketogenic diet , lipids are in the spotlight. Here is the breakdown of macros in this diet:

  • Lipids: 60%
  • Protein: 30%
  • Carbohydrates: 10%

However, we advise you to always ensure a healthy diet that contains enough fiber (yes, even in the ketogenic diet foods that are too fatty or too sweet are to be avoided!).

Not all vegetables are “keto friendly”

Even the smallest portion of carbohydrates can influence your ketogenic diet. Did you know that there are vegetables that are more or less rich in carbohydrates? Make sure to always consume vegetables rich in water , and few vegetables rich in carbohydrates. Fruits also contain a lot of sugar, so you should also limit their consumption .

Be careful not to confuse limitation and prohibition! Limiting yourself does not mean not eating anything. The recommendation to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day is still the union minimum to be respected.

We love Bulletproof Coffee as an energizer

One of the great prohibitions of the ketogenic diet is coffee with milk. Most keto dieters have replaced it with Bulletproof Coffee . it is black coffee mixed with a fat such as butter or coconut oil. The important thing for this recipe is to ensure the quality of the fat you associate with your coffee. We advise you to choose a high quality butter for a good supply of omega-3s . Our Coconut Oil is also a good source of fat, 100% organic and from fair trade .

Bulletproof Coffee is the perfect start to the day! Thanks to the interesting intake of lipids , it gives you long-term satiety .

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Ingredients (for 1 cup):

  • Hot black coffee
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil
  • ½ to 1 tsp butter (optional)

Preparation :

  1. Prepare your coffee: it must be black, without sugar or milk. The best is to also have a very hot coffee to mix all the ingredients well.
  2. Mix everything in a blender with coconut oil and butter.
  3. And now your Bulletproof Coffee is ready!

Keto = cheese + charcuterie every day?

From the beginning, we talk about fat, good fats and lipids as the main source of food. So yes, the keto diet is mainly based on lipids, but not just any! If you only eat products that are too fatty (such as cold cuts, crisps, bacon, etc.), there will be a negative impact on your health – even if in theory the state of ketosis is not affected if you consume good or “bad” fats.

It is therefore necessary to distinguish between all the fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids are the best sources of lipids for your ketogenic diet: avocado, oily fish, nuts… While saturated fatty acids do not provide you with long-term nutritional values ​​(sausage, butter, cheese…), and can increase the risk of diabetes, or cardiovascular disease .

A ketogenic diet is not an open door to fat-free eating. If you choose to start a ketogenic diet, know that you will need to follow a very healthy and balanced diet , based on natural products and good fats. To learn more about fatty acids in general, you will find all the information on our article .

The ketogenic diet and its effect on weight loss

Does the ketogenic diet have a positive impact on weight loss? Many claim it. The reason is simple: in a state of ketosis, the body uses the fat stores of our body to produce ketone bodies and thus use it as a source of energy . And these reserves are those from foods rich in fat, but also from our own body fat.

With cardio training (running, cycling), the fat-burning effect would be even more significant. There have not yet been studies confirming this hypothesis, but sports activity is always recommended for effective long-term weight loss.

Our advice: you want to start a keto diet but it is difficult to go without carbohydrates? We have created a recipe for high-protein pasta , with 66% less carbohydrates than classic pasta. Does it make your mouth water? It’s this way !

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