September 30, 2023

The best web hosting of 2023

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The best web hosting of 2023

The best web hosting of 2023

The most comprehensive web hosting test ever conducted in the world.

We tested the most popular web hosting services in the world to see which ones are really interesting. We hosted the same website with each provider for a few months and looked at security, loading speed, and USA availability. We also contacted the support teams to assess their skills.

We invested several hundred euros to test the best France hosts. It wasn’t cheap, but it was definitely worth it as we really wanted to help you find a good web host! Are international hosting giants getting better or can a small local web host offer you the best service? The answer might surprise you.

Top1 Hostinger: super speed & low prices

  • Incredibly advantageous prices for long-term accommodation
  • Impressive performance and commissioning time
  • Optimized for WordPress
  • Beginner-friendly proprietary control panel

If you’re looking for budget hosting that offers good performance, you should definitely consider Hostinger. It offers LiteSpeed web servers, designed to speed up the loading and operation of websites. This allows Hostinger to offer a level of performance that many other budget hosts can’t compete with.

WordPress’ LiteSpeed Cache plugin is also included and offers a wide variety of caching and compression options for your site. Everything comes pre-installed, so you won’t have to search and download other plugins to speed up your site.

While this is a long-term commitment, it will save you money in the long run. Many other hosts only offer discounts for a year at best – but with Hostinger, you’ll be able to enjoy them for three years.

Top2 1&1 IONOS: the best customer service

  • Personal advisor for web hosting
  • Proprietary control panel with marketing and SEO tools
  • Generous discounts on the mid-tier plan
  • Manage your hosting account with a mobile app

1&1 IONOS is a unique hosting provider. Its best discount for new customers is offered with the mid-tier Pro plan, rather than the entry-level plan. It offers very good performance and a generous set of resources at a remarkably low price.

Just pay attention to the renewal fee – once the first payment deadline has passed, prices increase significantly.

IONOS’ main strength lies in its customer support. Each customer is assigned their own personal advisor, who will be your single point of contact for each issue. Every counselor I’ve worked with has been responsive, patient, and very helpful, even when I claimed to have problems with very basic functions.

Top3 SiteGround: Best for WordPress

  • Great tool for newcomers to WordPress
  • Numerous caching solutions
  • Custom firewall and AI anti-bot system
  • Daily automatic backups stored for a long time

If you’re using WordPress for the first time, as a beginner, you’ll greatly appreciate SiteGround’s ergonomic features. For example, the WP Starter wizard will allow you to build your website framework in minutes, and will help you choose a theme and install all the necessary plugins.

SiteGround also helps optimize your WordPress installation with proprietary plugins and caching systems, which go a long way in speeding up your site.

Finally, you are protected by daily, automatic, and free backups. Each backup is kept for 30 days, allowing you to roll back to any version of your site from last month.

Top4 LWS: the best for E-commerce

  • Highly redundant SSDs
  • Free advertising credits and marketing tools
  • Generous Refund Policy

Looking to launch an online store? LWS makes it easy for you by offering you e-commerce plans with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, osCommerce, and others.

Credit card and PayPal payment methods are supported by an included payment module. All you have to do is enter your contact information, design your storefront, and add your products.

While there are recommended traffic limits with each plan, you can accommodate an unlimited number of visitors. In addition, LWS offers guaranteed RAM and CPU resources, even on shared plans.

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